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What you should know about Tirajeh brick

The brick factories of Tirajeh started working as (Khodadadi facade brick) in Isfahan state in 1368. From the beginning of the factory launch, quantity and quantify development design have been always considered and in progress. In the following, the brick factory of Sahand Tabriz with production experience from 1355 was bought in 1374 and added to the system, and Khodadai facade brick factory and pottery brick factory of Sahand Tabriz integrated with each other in 1393 and continue working as (brick factories group of Tirajeh). In these factories, the facade brick and firebrick produce professionally.

Currently, the Tirajeh factories group is capable of producing different brick productions including firebrick, Rastik, Kazakh (adobe and handmade), and also other pottery productions like pottery 10 and 15 and Lefton based on the national standard of Iran (isiri007) and other international standards such as OHSAS 2007: 18001/ ISO 2004: 14001/ ISO 2008: 9001, and by having an equipped quality control laboratory.

Cooperation in major projects of private and public organizations, mass producers, and active attendance in national and international bazaars prove the high quality of this group.

Tirajeh factories group has professional, experienced, and informed staff, and goes forward the system toward its great goals, which are satisfying the customers, keeping the production quality, and presenting new productions by helping God.

The success key of the group is (to adopt power in responding to the customer demands, and national and international standards). In this group, the customers are very valuable and have a complete combination of services including quality productions, innovative research and development, national and international experience, and reliable goods delivery. This method is supported through an approach based on services, which is in progress in all of the internal and external processes of the company.

Tirajeh factories group tries hard in order to present a quality deserve to the Iranian-Islamic architecture.

International group of brick Tirajeh factories is honored of gaining four patents in the brick industry and receiving valid standards and certificates and producing the best quality of brick and a long time experience in export to most of the middle east and middle Asia countries due to the capability of about half a century experience in producing different firebricks, facade bricks, pottery, flooring, etc, and it is honored that it can serve dear, informed, and accurate people of our country. The international group of brick Tirajeh factories (Khodadadi) has shown a real sense of the best quality and best beauty and united of the bricks to all people by attending most building exhibitions and having a strong resume in major and minor building systems and national and international projects.

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